Dave Robinson

Originating from Sheffield, England, Dave Robinson has been a percussionist from the age of 12,  covering all genre's from pop, rock and classical through to Jazz. 

Some of the Bands he works with include

Dave Robinson Trio/Quartet

Sue Caroline

The Zen Bicycle Band


The White Cliffs Hot 5

Cool Blue





Don't Give Up The Day Job (Dave Robinson Quartet) 

Road Trip (Zen Bicycle Band) 

In Your Head (Zen Bicycle Band) 

Essence (Zen Bicycle Band)  

Zen Bicycle (Zen Bicycle Band) 

Michel Chartier (Michel Chartier) 

In The Slipstream (Paul Cheneour) 

An Exodus Of Light (Testing The Water) 

Drohne (Mandrohne) 

Just The Two Of US (Just The Two Of Us) 

Satin and Latin (Just The Two Of Us) 

Second Thoughts (Just The Two Of Us) 

Just Friends Play Just Jazz (Just Friends)